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Monday, January 7, 2008

CATpitalism Plan, Part I.

As Zooey and I figure out new ways to monetize my cat/her self, I want to take a moment to list some of the ways we're first think of doing it.

This will outline our plans-- broadly-- and give you some ideas if you too want to monetize your cat.

  1. First, establish this blog so we can reach fellow cat-n-money-lovers. Done!
  2. Set up Google Adwords. Done!
  3. Build traffic. Get the word out.
  4. Set up a separate bank account for these online actions. I want to make some money here, but I want it to be separate from my day job and my other accounts. I don't want to come home and find Zooey hopped up on catnip. So I'm looking into some on-line banking accounts to choose one for my transactions here. That way I can see how much I'm making, and how much I'm spending.
  5. Figure out non-ad related ways of making money with Zooey. Not factory work, but working with her marketable skills. We'll do a skills assessment later in the week.
After all, most of the Internet now seems based on ad revenue. What else can we do? I think it just takes some creativity to figure out...

(I'll update the CATpitalism Plan now and then so you can see how I'm doing, and how I've adjusted it.)

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