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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Secret Investment Opportunities...

...I have an old free junk email account I use for my personal messages, like sending pictures of my cat, rather than pictures of my monetized cat, which are reserved for this blog:

It always has these ads at the top, right? They crack me up. 25% back accounts, the lost investment opportunities of Alaska's unknown wilderness, the royal Saudi mythic money machine, blah blah blah. Today's was a corker. My interpretation:

Now, this could be real. I doubt it, but it could be. I haven't clicked on it to find out because I don't want cookies and spyware infesting my machine. Certainly, the outlandish claim and the graphic design (faux-sophisticated) lead me to think otherwise. Yes, Virginia, sometimes slick marketing can make you seem like a con artist.

But most of all, it promises a secret no one's talking about. Except in BANNER ADS ON THE TOP OF FREE EMAIL ACCOUNTS EVERYONE USES!!! For pity's sake!

The only secrets I want to know are:

  1. Whether or not this girl is telling the truth when she says she's into me
  2. Whether or not the butler did it
  3. What my boss thinks of Maury
And usually, the best way to find out is just to ask.