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Friday, February 8, 2008

Bad Blog Behavior

Have you ever...

  1. Checked the same blog twice in one day?
  2. Scrolled up a blog post after scrolling down? As though you're hitting the ground with a stick?
  3. Gotten halfway through a blog post before you realize you've read it before?
  4. Started typing in random *.blogspot.com addresses just to see what's there?
If so, you are DEFINITELY suffering from a bout of bad blog behavior. Your cache is full; you are infosated. The key to a refreshed, renewed relationship with the world of blogs is not a splurge through Stumbleupon.

Go outside, find your cat (inner or outer), and run around in the woods for a while. Nekkid or not. I like to rearrange fallen trees and branches so they catch & conserve water & leave browse from erosion. Then you'll feel like you've actually DONE something, rather than feeling

(For this same reason, I deleted all the games from my computer. ALL of them. Even Solitaire and Chess.)