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Sunday, January 6, 2008

How My Cat Became a CATpitalist

My cat Zooey and I were sitting on the deck talking. Zooey looks at me and says:

"Cat-Daddy, I'm ready. Monetize me."

I look at Zooey and reply, "Huh? What are you talking about, Zooey?"

Zooey walks around my lawn chair and rubs up against its leg. Then she stares out from between the slats of the deck at a squirrel. "I want to contribute to the household. Monetize me!"

"But how? You're such a shy and temperamental cat, not like the neighbor's Mr. MacMuffin. That cat would be on TV if he knew how."

"I don't know. Try to figure something out." With that, Zooey ran off the deck into the yard and disappeared. As I sat there perplxed, I realized she could be right.

After all, cats are like children. Both come into your world, and love you even as you love them. Both are companions and friends. We expect children to grow up and provide for themselves, and take care of us when we grow old. We never expect our pets to do the same-- so I was touched that Zooey would offer to help out with the bills in such a way!

So THIS is the story of how I have started to monetize my cat! Together Zooey and I will try to make some money online, even as we get our offline accounts all in a row. Check back here as we share some of our successes (and failures-- though hopefully not too many) with you.

If we're lucky, we can ALL become CATpitalists!