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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our Freezing Poor Winter

Well, it's really dang cold right now. Zooey has abandoned her palatial digs up on the hill and come down to her timeshare where she can enjoy a more frequent bowl of delicious niblets and see me more than once a day. I'm glad, because it gets lonely down here, especially when we have about three hours of daylight and a constant howling wind.

Figure 2. Timeshare Warmth.

I had some marketing ideas-- a Zooey parade for charity, a CATpitalism car wash, but I think they'll wait until it thaws. Until then, look for more book reviews! I hit up the library yesterday for some marketing books. We are gonna build this brand, and at the core of CATpitalism is thinking about capitalism by reading and reviewing books.

(P.S. You will note that Zooey ate all of her positive thinking vittles. Yes!)