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Friday, February 29, 2008

How You Cat Can Help Grow Your Business

Leap Year! Leapt!

Here's an interesting cat-business article:

How Your Cat Can Help You Grow Your Business by Cary Bayer

Mind, it's for a massage therapy business. I don't think #3 will help my business much ("let others touch you"). But, it got me thinking: how has Zooey taught me to grow our business? After all, she's a singular cat, not like the others.


  1. Eat Those Smaller Than You. Zooey's an outdoor cat, and spends much of her time in that primordial cat-space unbeknown to sweater-wearing, Juicy Vittles-eating Mr MacMuffin next door. She lives in a Darwinian world, and would read Sun Tzu's Art of War were she so inclined. Many businessmen have benefited from its ruthless take on the business world, I must say. Were my cat a Fortune 500, M&As would rule the day.
  2. Always Be Clean, Fresh, and Ready to Go. Though an outdoor cat, Zooey spends a lot of time tongue-primping. She's always fresh and shiny, with a well-groomed coat. I try to do the same: presentation matters, and first impressions last a lifetime for those of us who don't suffer concussions right after the first impression.
  3. Keep on that Poker Face. Zooey loves me. How do I know? Good question. Best evidence so far is that she hangs around, eats the food I offer, and lives in the house I provided for her. Other than that, she's pretty standoffish. I get a "meow" now & then, but that's about it. In business, too, it's best not to be too forthcoming. Don't be a cold fish, but remember that a business relationship, however warm, is not a friendship. If you don't, you may wind up feeling betrayed down the line.
Or eaten. Yikes!