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Friday, January 18, 2008

Zooey Steps Out

Zooey and I hang out a lot on sunny afternoons, but it's the dead of winter. So we're thankful to get out in the sun on a chance afternoon like yesterday, away from the cavernous, frozen wasteland of our respective houses/timeshare.

Figure 3. RSS fed

I think this is the first really good picture I've taken of my cat. Cower before her awesome power!

And her marketing skill. Look at her: her poise speaks of confidence, her shaggy mane of customer-centered brand positioning. The light catching her speaks of a churning process, in which she innovates based on the hard work of competing companies/blogs/monetized pets, while her wildly oscillating tail says "my vet never gave me shots for viral marketing."

Soon after this photo was taken, she embarked on new waves of monetazion-strategization. Me, I went back inside for a cup of hot tea and more marketing books. Onward!

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