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Monday, January 28, 2008

Cat Skills Assessment

As many of you know, my cat Zooey has decided to help out monetarily. But she's become discouraged after her initial enthusiasm. It is hard to find work in this world, especially when you're a cat.

Yesterday she threw up all over the deck. I was worried-- stress is pretty bad, and now the deck is too. I could hear her up late last night. When I woke up I found this on the computer screen:

What an amazing cat! As an outdoor cat, she must have had a copy of the housekey made when I wasn't looking.

She had gone through my self-help books, and opened up Loral Langemeier's Millionaire Maker's Guide to Creating a Cash Machine for Lifeto a self-help skills assessment early in the book. So we sat down this morning and worked through it to give her some direction. This is a short version of it, so you can have an idea of what it's like:

1. List your job responsibilities:

  • eating
  • coyness
  • sleeping
  • stalking through lawn & forest as mistress of all i survey
2. List the tasks associated with these responsibilities:
  • monitoring small animals
  • climbing trees
  • somber frolic
3. List the industries and markets you have experience in:
  • pets
  • hunting
  • food service
4. List the tasks you do at home:
  • tongue-bathing
  • resting
5. List the activities you find you do in spare time
  • rubbing face against lawn furniture
  • marking territory
  • leering at Mr MacMuffin through his living room window, especially at night when the terror sets in
6. List the tasks others ask you to help them w/
  • pest control
  • relationship problems
  • money problems
  • emotional problems
  • family problems
7. List the tasks you're good at & may take for granted
  • sharpening claws
  • furniture control
  • consulting.
That's her list. Honestly, I'm a little surprised at some of her answers, but she is an outdoor cat, after all. And the Cash Machine book is interesting-- I'll have my full review up tomorrow!

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