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Friday, January 25, 2008

Moving Along with the Plans...

Looking back to our CATpitalism Plan Part I, we've achieved most of our objectives.

The blog's up and running, and we have increased our traffic. To our new readers, welcome! And the SEO is buzzing along. In fact, doing a Google search for "Catpitalism" yields us as the #1 hit! Just like Cat Stevens. Well, #4, but the #1 is our Blogcatalog page. Close enough.

Look at the competition we've beaten out:

Since these are all discussions, just do a search for "Catpitalism" and you can see the quotes. And I must say Zooey & I are flattered and humbled by the attention our unique cat-centric brand of e-commerce has received.

But we still had two leftovers from that first plan.

#4 was to open an online bank account, either with ING or HSBC. Which I have done! In an 11th-hour reversal, I chose HSBC for their higher rate. The sign-up was painless-- a few forms filled out online, and a quick credit check and I was good to go. I had read about much more complex application process at other blogs online, but all that remained was to send in a check. I'm still waiting for the check to go through their system, but soon I will earning a big 4.25% interest! Well, probably lower, since the Fed cut rates. At least that'll keep my portfolio from tanking. I hope. Please.

#5 is a Cat Skills Assessment. Which will come, after we have reviewed another book. Next week we'll be getting into some business design & entrepreneurship books. We can't wait!

Meanwhile, have a great weekend-- I think Zooey and I will try to spend more time outside together.

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