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Monday, January 14, 2008


I had a grand total of one (1) clicks over the weekend. Yikes! Time for:


Since I am building this from the ground up out nekkid in the open, I want to tell you about my three-part plan.

When people think "monetize my cat," I want them to think "CATpitalism!" and come here. So I am redirecting all my typical Internet energies entirely through these channels. No longer will I be whoever I was before, now every site I visit, every comment I post, is "Cat-Daddy." I deleted my old email accounts! The name on my driver's license no longer exists! I am dead to me! I am reborn!

Part of this too-- a part I haven't gotten to yet-- will be design consciousness. I will make images and designs that reflect this site and everything it's about. I have some ideas, and will post them soon. Go from the ground up, right?

Hanging out with people, in other words. Get to know them and they get to know you. You'll get hits, but even better, you'll learn something. Sound unbusinesslike? Call it "market research" if it makes you feel better.

I think a lot of advertisers and marketers want to treat their potential customers like sheep. Certainly a lot of the marketing textbooks I've skimmed have that approach-- "tell them what to think, and repeat it until they do think it." I don't like that so much, and I think with a business like this one, where my market capitalization is less than USD$17 billion, I have to use my disadvantages as advantages. My dis-/ad- vantage point is smallness. BUT that lets me know people on a small level, rather than think of them as jumbled masses.

Entering my second week, I have had a goal of posting every weekday. I thought I had last week, but there's nothing up for Friday. Oops! Seven posts, though. It's a start.

I've learned from my own net habits that people visit sites for CONTENT. So writing great content, all the time, is how to market this site the best. Because if people find out it's here and then find it thin like crummy, week-old soup watered down by gutterspill coming through a hole in the roof, they won't come back!

No! CATpitalism is thick and full of meat and veggies! Eat! EAT!

(What about OFFLINE marketing? I have a totally different approach for offline marketing-- but that will come in a later post!)

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